Monthly Review: Jan 2022

Monthly Review: Jan 2022

Ah, January! The month where we make so many new year resolutions in the beginning just to realize we were not able to hold onto any of those as days pass by. Jokes apart! I did make resolutions this time, and I think I was able to hold onto some of those. Given the fact that I’m worse at keeping the resolutions that I made to myself, I’m off to a good start (I think).

New Blog, New Promises!

Earlier I used Ghost to upload all my blog posts and My Ghost met with a disaster! Yeah, that was my mistake though because I forgot to make backups! (neglected could be the right word, but meh!). Anyway, we learn from our mistakes, I sure did. So I bounced back to Hugo instead.

Me and Hugo have got this complicated relationship. I move away from Hugo just to come back to it after a few months! And I think you start to realize how much you loved something only when you are away. So Hugo, I’m back! (And hopefully I’ll stay, please don’t mind). I’m back using Hugo to render my static website and the content is backed up over codeberg. So the first thing I did this month was to get my website sorted. And sure it did!

Fediverse and

Among all my projects, maintaining Legohouse in Space aka. has been my favorite. Never in my life ever I had the chance to have immense control over my ecosystem while giving others an option to have the same liberty to share the same space. I love fediverse and I truly believe this is going to give people freedom and add value to their life.

So This month saw two major updates

  • Pixelfed ( was updated to version 0.11.2
  • Dendrite ( was updated to version 0.6

This has been fun and I hope to continue maintaining these for years to come :)

Next Month?

I’m planning to add more sections to this website namely “uses” (where I write about the tools I use to manage my life) and “elsewhere” (where I write about my contact details). And also get my website listed under 512Kb Club.

Since I don’t plan my month ahead, I’m not really sure how it goes. Hopefully it stays productive. Good day :)