I'm back—after a long break!

Yes! I'm back blogging after a long break. Why did I leave? Not sure why, but I needed some time off from the shenanigans of the web and needed to spend some time offline with books, people and generally in the REAL WORLD.

However, I did really miss blogging. Writing on my blog and sharing it with the world is an incentive for me to try out new things and get ahead of some crazy techie things that are happening on the internet. So, I'm back and let's roll with the updates.

Namma Kudla

I have been experimenting a lot with decentralized social media lately and if you've followed my posts, you'd know that I have already hosted Mastodon and Pixelfed on my server. But, there was always one thing missing. The interactions were generalist and there was no common thing that united us. Relatability was missing.

So, I decided to create a Mastodon server for the people that are from my area and my culture. And that's how Namma Kudla was born. It's pretty small with very little people having very little interactions for now. But I do hope in the future it gets traction and more and more people join this server. Hope this becomes a viable alternative to Twitter.

And, that's it?

Yes. So far, that's it. I haven't been spending a lot of time online, and I feel better than ever. I have been reading and researching a lot and that leaves me with a lot more things to try on in the future. And I'll not forget to talk about it here. Until then, see you around. :)